PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Preventive medicine is the medical specialty responsible for the prevention of diseases based on a set of actions and medical advice. With few exceptions, is very difficult to separate the preventive medicine curative medicine, because any medical act prevents a clinical situation worse prognosis. The field of action of preventive medicine is much more restricted than that of the public health, involved in community organizing efforts and governments. OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE occupational medicine is the medical specialty devoted to the study of diseases and accidents that occur for cause or consequence of work activity, as well as prevention measures to be taken to avoid or mitigate its consequences . Rammazzini Bernardino is considered as the father of occupational medicine. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY sets of laws, rules and mechanisms for prevention of the risks inherent to the workplace with destructive damage to the lives of workers. Industrial Hygiene forms a body of knowledge and techniques dedicated to recognize, assess and control those environmental factors, psychological or tension, which come, work and can cause illness or deteriorating health. Industrial Hygiene is formed by a set of rules and procedures to the protection of physical and mental integrity of the worker, free from health hazards inherent in the tasks of the position and the physical environment they run on. This related to the diagnosis and prevention of occupational diseases from the study and control of two variables: the man and his work environment. It has a strongly preventive character, since it addresses health and employee comfort, preventing the sick or absent for a temporary or permanent work. Also cialis generico mastercard the therapy may not relive acute pain or condition of extreme illness. And prostatitis can affect adult males of all age levitra samples groups however it is counted as a form of medication and herbal alternatives were soon sought. The major difference between these products is the price, as cialis pills effects of is much expensive, when compared with Kamagra, so you can use this herbal pill to treat poor erection problem and enjoy intimate moments with your beautiful female. This online drugstore delivers some of the generika cialis normal medicine you can get today. Objectives of Industrial Hygiene Recognize agents working environment that can cause disease in workers. To assess the environmental agents working to determine the degree of risk to health. Eliminate the causes of diseases. Reduce the harmful effects caused by work in carrying sick or physical defects. Prevent worsening of disease and injury. Maintaining the health of workers. Increase productivity by controlling the work environment. Propose control measures to reduce the degree of risk to the health of workers. Train workers about the risks in the work environment and how to prevent or minimize undesirable effects.