has come to our ears that certain commercial capital of Almeria (whose names we will not cite them for not advertising) use the name of some members of the Board to signify that they have past quality control or are controlled by the Association as places which controls the issue of celiac disease. From this page, we want to express our disagreement with these statements and of course totally disavowed those businesses to continue using our name solely for your benefit, and inducing people of good faith to deception. Aspeceal has not yet seal of quality Almeria any trade and any member of the board or go to a local business in particular, does not mean to do as such but as a particular anonymous person who comes to celebrate the birthday of their child to a particular locale or buy a cake to another business in particular but of course without certification of quality. All this is manifest to make it clear that everyone is free to go wherever and eat where he pleases but of course these facts, today, are not supported by the association.