In 1969, in Pasadena, California, a Mexican family comes to a strange mansion seeking help from a young woman, as the child suffers from a strange “illness”, but the terrified woman asks exactly who made the child while the parents confirmed that the boy stole about three days ago a necklace of a gypsy wagon, moments after the woman leads the family in their home, where she makes a ritual, while the child suffers from terrible visions, however women as well as the child’s parents are attacked by a supernatural force in a brutal manner, while the child falls on the second floor, from where demonic hands that pull the child into the depths of hell, while the woman with an expression more serene and serious states “that will meet again.”In 2008 in Los Angeles, California, Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer of a bank in Los Angeles, is looking forward to a promotion and dating a lovely man, professor Clay Dalton (Justin Long). Everything seems to be going well in life until one day Christine receives a visit from the mysterious Ms. ghanoush, who expects Christine granted an extension, so do not lose your home, however Christine in the middle of his ambition to win the vigerente post ghanoush denies any extension, but things get complicated when Mrs. ghanoush is pushed to the limit in order to get the extension, however Christine ghanoush call security and is humiliated in front of everyone in the bank. Later Mr. Jacks impressed by Christine’s decision granted the promotion.Unfortunately that night in the parking lot, Christine is attacked by the old, in a fierce battle, where ghanoush ironically takes a much more terrifying appearance, however this instead of killing Christine, is limited to steal one of the buttons his coat and starts to recite strange words, so that gives you more satisfied ghanoush button and walks away. It is such a medicine that it can cure all kind of cheap tadalafil india erectile dysfunction. This means there is a huge market of middle-aged men who could usa generic viagra use a copy of the Kama Sutra though. A man should take this into consideration as online viagra uk a very serious matter of problem. But, with assistance of capsule like Zenegra 100mg one can undoubtedly suppress the snag of erection failure and enjoy energetic lovemaking episode with their spouse. viagra 100mg generika Then Christine something stressful start to feel a strange sensation that makes you want to know your future, along with Clay Christine head to the store of the seer, Dileep Rao, who after trying to read the future Christine panics and asks to be alone. Once at home, Christine tries to relax and continue with their work, but a strange supernatural force is manifested on his home and Christine is hurt. Subsequently she is comforted by Clay who ends up calming down, but moments later, Christine is haunted by strange visions and terrifying signs ghanoush.The next day, Christine tries to apologize to ghanoush, but to get home quickly learns that ghanoush died last night, however Christine revisits Dileep, who confirms that the evil that lurks is Lamia a powerful demon who tortured for three consecutive days to come for her and literally dragging it to hell, asks Christine desperate for a way to reverse it and Dileep offers a sacrifice to the Lamia, however Christine refuses and returns home, where is attacked in a brutal manner by Lamia, made the sacrifice to tend to her cat Lamia. Clay appears to tell Christine about the dinner with her parents, but looks more confident and Christine agrees to go, unfortunately just when Christine seemed to gain the approval of the parents of Clay, the Lamia on Christine torture during dinner and is tremendously impaired.Christine Dileep then blame for the failure to break free from Lamia, however Dileep suggests another way to reverse the curse, accepting the help of Shaun San Dena, however advised that the services are extremely expensive and Christine ready to make the ritual, sells most of its possessions, unable to raise enough money, but to the surprise of Christine, Clay pays for the service.The next day, accompanied by Dileep Christine visiting the same mansion in Pasadena, where they are greeted by the owner of the mansion, Shaun St. Dena, all gathered once the ritual is performed, where San Dena Christine gives precise instructions to his hands on a goat, after being held by the Lamia, the ritual is performed, but things are complicated and after a tough search for Lamia, San Dena is owned by the Lamia, and Christine met Dena orders tricked to Lamia, but the demon is released and begins to psychologically torture Christine, San Dena regains his sanity and expels the Lamia of the mansion, unfortunately, dies after doing so. Dileep then confirms Christine’s last chance to save the Lamia, which is to give Christine the cursed object to another person, Dileep save the button in an envelope and confirms that Christine has 24 hours.