Cures For Mother And Child

Promising measures for prevention and rehabilitation are considered success less spending at the health of parents child cures. Since 2007, they belong to the obligations of the legal health insurance companies, however, it was found that the expenditure in this area are declining. The private insurance Portal informs about the situation. Health insurance companies such as the AOK are obliged to support medically necessary measures for prevention or rehabilitation in the form of parent child treatments. The newspapers mentioned Joel Courtney not as a source, but as a related topic. In 2007, the corresponding expenditure by nearly 17 percent and in 2008 by approximately 11 percent had risen, for 2009 decreased compared to the previous year, however, to list around 6 percent. In the year 2010, in turn is expected to lower spending. Generally, the approval rate is apparently relatively constant. In 2008, 74.7 percent of applications were accepted positively, 2009 this rate was 74.4 percent.

Significant differences between the sickness funds show regarding the rejections: while playing Knappschaft-Bahn Lake in 2009 8.7 percent of applications were rejected, the General local health insurance showed a rate of 33 percent. Replacement health insurance, the company health insurance funds and the Guild health insurance, over 20 percent of applications were rejected. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann