Dubai Airport – Management And Production Of Identification Cards With Zebra Card Printer

Introduction At the Dubai International Airport is a modern system for managing and creating ID cards, e-Bitaqat, supplied by the company Eastnets based Zebra Card Printer Solutions. The solution, which is the world’s only found in two other airports, including the use of smart card technology at new electronic gates (eGates) in the airport. This waiting time will be reduced and an automatic entry and exit allows registered passengers at the airport. At the airport are now more than 25 Zebra card printers to create the Security Series use of contactless smart cards. They allow a faster clearance at the passport control, as passengers simply pull their card through a reader and can scan their fingerprint. This process takes only three seconds, and passengers can then quickly depart from the airport. Background Given the growth in air traffic in the Middle East and the need for increased security at all airports recognized the Immigration Department in Dubai(Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department – dnrd) the need for the introduction of electronic checks through faster access to Dubai International Airport to allow. She did, however, ensure that the project only cutting-edge technology has been used. There is a growing need for reliable plastic card solutions in many industries, but particularly airports and airlines recognize the importance of technology to improve safety and efficiency, introduce on the spot. Zebra card printers have played in this project in meeting the requirements for the best quality, functionality and safety an important role. Such costs eat into the balance you get after viagra shop uk selling the bike. So, you must be wondering that among all these big labels, which one is the amazing discounts, great services, and easy shopping. cialis generico mastercard find out that is the first medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment. Conclusion cialis from canadian pharmacy Creating a learning organization requires a deep rethinking of the leader’s role. An occasional issue levitra no prescription does not mean a man shall evolve any chronic condition. The solution of Dubai Immigration Department recognized the need for a fully automated solution to enable the passengers on the Dubai International Airport, a quick entry and departure. Since the IT department had made it a condition that the project is only for cutting-edge technology could be used, it was decided to fully Eastnetsintegrated end-to-end solution that fully meets their requirements for the provision of a complete Direktabfertigungsanwendung. The solution introduces a card management and issuing systems, Bitaqat-e , the data entry, registration, issuance system, personalization, and RFID-Codierfunktionen manages and produces contactless Mifare smart cards using Zebra printers. So far, created more than 100,000 cards, with 25 Zebra printers to produce the laminated Mifare contactless smart cards have been used to their security features include ultraviolet and micro-printing. The advantages of e-gate card is now, residents of the UAE, residents spent the member states of the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and 35 other countries around the world. The map that, confronted by 100,000 cardholders been very popular. The use of modern technology such as contactless access control and biometric identification has enabled a rapid flow of passengers through the arrivals and departures area at Dubai International Airport.Eastnets could provide the Immigration Department in Dubai in partnership with Zebra Card Printer Solutions a complete fully integrated end-to-end solution for managing the ID cards. As Card Zebra Card Printer Prints relies on technology and delivers advanced identification solutions for issues. Prints card delivers on this basis, innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions to businesses and government agencies. A wide range of applications benefit from the brand thermal barcode labels and receipts, and the Zebra brand plastic card printers (formerly Eltron ), the enhanced security, increased productivity, improved quality, lower costs and better service mean to customers.