The abortion was illegal in Finland until 1950, when the Finnish Parliament decriminalized abortion in cases where it was done to preserve the physical or mental health of women, which could be determined that the child was disabled or where the pregnancy was the result of rape. The Finnish law was liberalized again in 1970, allowing abortion for socioeconomic reasons, if women had less than 17 years and older than 40, if the woman had already had four children, or if, due to a disease or disorder mental, one or both parents could not raise the child. Under most circumstances, the approval of two doctors is required to approve an abortion. Only one is needed in cases of child bearing age or older or when the woman has already had four children. Women seeking abortion must be informed about the significance and effects of the procedure. Under the 1970 law, abortions had to be made before the 16th week of pregnancy.An amendment in 1978 made that abortions could be performed at any time in case of illness or physical defect in women. In 1979, the limit was changed from gestational week 16 to week 12 of pregnancy. A bill in 1985 allowed abortion until the 20th week of pregnancy for minors until 24 weeks if an amniocentesis or ultrasound found a serious disability in the fetus. Are abortions free in hospitals. It is illegal to perform abortions in clinics, but doctors have the power to perform abortions outside of hospitals in emergency situations. Illegal abortions are very rare in practice because a woman can obtain an abortion on request.