Resolution of the General Task

Resolution of the task of general 1. Define all the points which it believes should include recommendations from the workplace 2. Develop the purchase order to a Director of Hospital with their suggestions and recommendations for the construction of a new endoscopy suite in a general hospital that performs approximately 15 monthly endoscopies. Recommendations of the workplace: Bronchoscopy is a medical procedure to be carried out in a hospital but carried out under ambulatorio.La exploration should be done regularly in the Bronchoscopy Unit, while at other times can be performed in the operating room, emergency services, unit intensive care, endoscopy room or general ward. The location of the Respiratory Endoscopy sector depends on the organization of the hospital, but it is convenient proximity to the areas of hospitalization for respiratory and intermediate care / intensive, as well as operating rooms. The 1997 on separate regulatory minimum requirements for Respiratory Endoscopy Unit collected physical space requirements for a unit to perform a thousand procedures per year and count with teaching. Currently, due to the increased complexity of the bronchoscopies, rather than quantity should be thinking about quality of procedures so that any unit performing over 500 endoscopic studies a year should have: Waiting room for patients and their companions: 8 m2 Reception, secretarial and filing: 10 m2 Two work rooms: 25 m2 each.Both oxygen with power outlets and two vacuum (aspiration by bronchoscopy and mouth) and one with leaded protection for the use of fluoroscopy. It is also advisable to have ventilation systems that produce between 12 and 14 air changes per hour and negative pressure to avoid contamination. Recovery Room Room cleaning and disinfection of instruments with sufficient ventilation: 6 m2 which should have a sink with hot and cold water. If there is no washer is used as bronchoscopes and glutaraldehyde disinfectant must be an air extraction system in this room. So that cheapest levitra saves significant amounts that would otherwise be invested in research and development.* The core component is already FDA approved. The human hand can detect a difference of 2oC, whereas the Thermal Imaging camera used in Veterinary Thermal Imaging is 40 times more sensitive. women viagra online With drug and medicines administration, there are illegal firms that operate without following the stipulated drug administration ethics and the law set sildenafil generic from canada thought about that to protect consumers. Therefore this should be availed by the people those who have seizures, eating disorder or suddenly stopped the habit of purchase levitra taking sedatives. A medical clearance for assessment of clinical and teaching stories from 8 to 16 m2, according to estimate of the number of resident assistants and students. A stock: 8 m2 A dressing room toilet: 8 m2 Staff Requirements Doctors: In referral hospitals in third level will be a specialist dedicated exclusively to bronchoscopy or two doctors bronchoscopists in the case of interventional bronchoscopy performed or when the number of procedures is greater than 600 per year. Nurses and Assistants: must have at least a qualified nurse and a clinic assistant. For sedation made it clear more than another nurse during the procedure would be devoted to medication administration and control of the proceedings. It is essential in the case to be sedation ecobroncoscopia involving two nurses in addition to the staff. Administrative: An administrative secretariat for, subpoena, warehouse control, order, etc.. Keeper: It is highly desirable to have a guard in the bronchoscopy unit for the transfer of patients, delivery of samples and removal of the tower of bronchoscopy to the operating room or other service. All staff in bronchoscopy should be vaccinated against influenza and hepatitis B and should be a Mantoux skin test every 6 months, whereas previously this test is negative. Purchase order for Director of the Hospital Gentlemen: Address Hospital I.