Exams and Diagnosis

Still today, they are in test examinations capable to diagnosis, with precision, the Autismo, therefore so it is complicated to confirm its prevalence. As It hisses (2009), exactly with enormous advances in relation to the precocious identification and the diagnosis of autismo, many children, especially in Brazil, still continue per many years without a diagnosis or with inadequate disgnostic. The Wire Cross is developing a laboratorial examination that consists basically of rhythmic photo-stimulation and looking alteration of the right side of the brain (responsible area for the scioafetividade). The responsible scientist for the research, badly says that the difficulty in diagnosising the autismo clinically if must to the fact of the syndrome, one neuropsiquitrico functionary, to have aspects similar to the ones of other diseases. This allows in them to comment that the diagnosis is, perhaps, more complex, that the treatment (FIOCRUZ, 2006). 3.4? Treatment the treatment of the autismo consists of a boarding to multidiscipline, that engloba professional as: Occupational psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Fonoaudilogos, Nurses, Therapists and etc. You have to uphold sexual motivation even when you have practiced buy cipla viagra djpaulkom.tv. There is no problem in the male reproductive system This herbal cure is based buying cialis in australia on several factors, there are men who have successfully overcome prostate cancer because of the HIFU for prostate cancer. They should not be mixed with other erectile dysfunction drugs like tadalafil overnight delivery. If you will properly take care of your heart you buy brand viagra will be able to enjoy your health entire life.

The more early will be initiated, bigger the effectiveness of the treatment. He must have the one association series of interventions, so that the development in the diverse areas occurs. The ideal is that this starts before 1 year of life. The Early Start Denver, treatment focado in the interaction and communication, were used in a research carried through in U.S.A., having promoted the whitewashing of the children, however not it cure. The method improves the QI of the children, and assists in the development of some areas, as the communication, where the child receives rewards for using words to ask for toys (ROGERS and VISMARA, 2008). The Treatment if bases on use of psicofrmacos to only alliviate to the symptoms, such as the aggressiveness, so that the special education and the whitewashing are adopted other boardings type, as Assumpo Jr explains (2000).