GEAR The pulleys and gearing have the problem of displacement, especially when efforts are to transmit are high. In these cases they are used to enable transmission gears with high precision efforts. The gears are pairs of gears that are strung between them, so that turning the other one rotates counterclockwise.They are used to multiply or reduce the forces to change direction and to increase or decrease the rotational speed of the shaft on which are placed. It is recommended by generic levitra 5mg almost all doctors in the UK prescribe kamagra 100mg to the patients. ED in young men was thought to be 90% psychological, but buy viagra pills now most cases are caused by a combination of risk factors that can affect your body and lead to many sexual problems. Common causes reported for levitra tab 20mg that formation on this reproductive disorder include hormonal problems, pelvic surgery, sickle cell anemia, premature ejaculation, spine injury and high blood pressure levels. Men involved in bicycling, spinning and even horse-riding increases the risk online viagra cialis of ED due to damaged blood vessels and penile tissues. So if we have two different sized gears that are embedded in the same plane, but will the small wheel turns the big wheel at the same time. Thus, if the big wheel drag the small, get a speed increase and, conversely, if the small wheel that drags large, get a speed smaller. There are four basic types of gears.