Putnam Brain

Putnam and Nagel. On the impossibility to be a brain in a Cuba on account of the singularity of the experience. In this work I intend to make a linking enters two important thinkers of the philosophy of the mind, more specifically on two of its workmanships, namely: The case of the brain in a Cuba of the North American thinker Hillary Putnam and As it is to be a bat of Thomas Nagel, philosopher who was born in old Yugoslavia, however constructed its academic career in the United States. A linking that I intend to establish enters these two thinkers can not be for similarity nor for opposition, but for complementation. One is about a mere introductory work around a subject that as Teixeira is one of the principles norteadores, by the way, one of the questions of first largeness to be treated by the philosophy of the mind that is the following one: it will be the mind and the body same or the thought is only product of my brain? To initiate I will resumidamente deal with resumidamente the question of the brain in a Cuba, the one that will follow one brief exposition on the workmanship of Nagel as it is to be a bat. to finish to demonstrate appealing to the Nagel and of the proper Putnam that is impossible to be a brain in a Cuba. Putnam starts its intriguer speaks inviting us to imagine the possibility of that some perverse scientist had in removed the brain, in the case the brain of the reader who was reading the lines written for it, that is, my brain or its to it, and kept my brain in a full Cuba of nutrients of form that the organism remained alive, not only alive as connected for ways of wires transistors to a supercomputer that by means of impulses made electric me to have the sensation that I wanted, as to feel the aroma and the flavor of a cheese that mine palate appreciates or to degustar a wine of requintado flavor of a special harvest. . Anu Saad can provide more clarity in the matter.