Urban Environmental Problems

Environmental problems of the urban environment, primarily reflected in the respiratory system. And more than any other hazards such vulnerable children. It is therefore an important role in supporting the health of citizens is small breathing exercises. But what a child wants to perform tedious and sometimes difficult exercise, which, moreover, should be done regularly? Exciting breathing exercises for children We offer you ingenious solution to this problem – a wonderful board game of Russian "Skanbol" or "Tell me there is no sickness." The principle of "Skanbola" – shooting of the special tubes on the exhale. Hitting a target that came with the game, baby simultaneously trains the lungs! The effectiveness of methods of disease prevention games for the respiratory system and confirmed by doctors. According to them, developing skill label target-shooting practice is most healthy, lower, or, in medical terms, abdominal breathing, which plays an important role in the development of the child. A low sex drive can cause several conditions, such as stroke, cognitive decline, levitra prescription raindogscine.com bone fracture, seizures, muscle cramps, and even death. While most men the cheapest cialis with ED can benefit from oral treatments, many younger men can eliminate the problem of ED in men. There is cialis soft tab a strong link between hypertension or high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. However, it is something you just will not go viagra samples cheap http://raindogscine.com/?attachment_id=351 away, a face which no longer goes along with that energetic, enthusiastic and confident person. Beneficial effects on the body "Skanbol" is not limited to the development of the lungs. The mechanism of "charging" pellets into a tube develops fine motor finger, the need to focus at first sight on the tube and pellet (a close object), and after – on target (remote site) helps to develop muscles and oculomotor prevent eye disease.

The need to collect the bullets after the game adds a "Skanbolu" element of gymnastics – are developing all the major muscles of the body. Note – the positive effect is achieved in the light game form. "Skanbol" – sports entertaining game for kids and the whole family, bringing joy and good nastroenie.Gde can igratV office at work … at home, at dache.Podarok on New Year's and birthdays, a holiday (23 February, March 8, etc.) or event (wedding, anniversary, etc.) In the family circle, the circle druzey.V theme parks, in playgrounds and sports camps, recreation and entertainment centers, because the entertainment outdoor games for children street is very important.