The people are always speaking of things that are values, desires, beliefs Contents Of them! ‘ ‘ verdades’ ‘ that these people they express, are ‘ ‘ truths of them ‘ ‘ , and many times, them do not have no affinity with ‘ ‘ the form of pensar’ ‘ of the person who is listening to it Therefore if it does not distress with negative thoughts regarding the Others Or of itself exactly! Unhappyly, and erroneamente, we evaluate, we perceive and we judge the people in its behaviors, and understand that in fact, they are the personal expressions ‘ ‘ autnticas’ ‘ of the thoughts, emotions and feelings of them But, that is a superficial vision! We are unaware of ‘ ‘ the reasons ntimas’ ‘ of the people, its motivations (some, until unconscious for proper they) we do not know of its psychic and emotional instances Also, which ‘ ‘ they are foras’ ‘ that they are acting, acting in that person In that circumstance We ignore, also, the mental contents of this person, decurrent of its personal description, its physical health and mental, etc. We believe that we withhold the TRUTH on that person When we ignore our proper TRUTH!

We, defective human beings are beings, imperfects tense, contradictory For times, radical, extremistas, inflexible, rancorosos, are amargurados, aggressive and implacable! For times we are affectionate, tolerant, flexible, comprehensive. Declan Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge. We reproduce in our actions, attitudes and behaviors, ‘ ‘ modelos’ ‘ of our infancy: the form with that we were educated, treated, servant, loved (or not loved) for our parents The interpersonal environment, school, contacts, our real infantile experiences (or imagined). We, compulsively, develop ‘ ‘ transferences emocionais’ ‘ refusals we project in the Other (s), what it bothers in them, attributing to the Others What ‘ ‘ we ourselves we are ‘ ‘ Or, then, we are being influenced or vitimados for our personal difficulties gifts in our present or passed life One remembers: You do not read the thoughts of the Others nor DECIPHERS the emotions and the feelings of them! Not if it loses in feelings of concern, diffidence, doubt, anger or rancor Trying to understand or to legitimize Feelings of the Others, if defending of imaginary things! It has been oriented for its proper TRUTH, without attacking or diminishing the others, finding that ALL are maken a mistake alone you are certain! Same that it does not seem clearly; ‘ ‘ the people are as they obtain to be, want to be, like to be or understand that they need to be ‘ ‘ If thus she was not, they would look the half ones to change itself proper!. Read additional details here: Doug Band.

Occupational Therapy

To this social and cultural reality, the society and its technologies come making possible the formation of new professionals, in the educational area and medicate, which have the aging as focus. Searching to interact with the multiple adaptations of the new context of the aged one, that it aims at quality of life, to enrich its cognitivo knowledge and to understand the new technologies of the modern life. Therefore, the Gerontologia, Geriatria, Psicopedagogia, Occupational Therapy and others as much, come developing research, projects and text that serve of basement for the demographic expansion created by the aged ones. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from cardiologist. One of the areas most promising of the future, leading in consideration measured that it of life comes increasing each time more, and soon we will be a country of old, therefore with science and the medicine each day discovering new technologies. raising the longevity with research in the diverse distinct areas of the medicine, discovering physiological and biological factors of the human development, that the mechanisms excite that can still more raise the life of the aged one. Both with interest of the study with acuidade, ahead of some conducting wires of gnese human being and its psychic processes, with variation of mechanisms for the construction of the body and healthful mind. Teneo: the source for more info. In the workmanship Compliments of Helena in Grgias (484-590 a.C) can evidence the effect of the body well, how much to the logos for minors who are the fear and the persuasion ahead of the onipotncia of the being, whose delivery of the body marked for the time, as the great tyrant you doubt of them the being in the maturation process.

Negative Blasphemy

Blasphemy against the Espirito Santo – How to win this oppression? FOR ALL MY BROTHERS IN the FAITH WHO NEED a MESSAGE OF the SKY ==================================== When you convert, you think that everything in its life already is decided. But in the truth, he is not. In the same truth (before you if converting) its life is a nastiness, that you do not only know that it is. Later when you become yourself, you if apercebe of the wrong things that made, and really this finish turning a vicious passion: You go pra GOD of the skill that you are (all crazy), and the vices, imperfections, palavres and old customs go even so if without notice you them. GOD goes speaking with you and you start to have certain experiences with the supernatural one that they finish filling the emptiness that was in its heart. GOD catches its old person and plays outside in the garbage. The experiences in the Christian life come pra to make of you a better person.

Without experiences, as you will be one better Christian? The adversities come to add. ironically, this makes you a better person. A stronger Christian. Therefore that Pablo said that all the things concur for the good of that they love the God (Rom 8:28) Determined experiences, you would desire of the deep one of its heart that never came. But they are necessary for its growth.

Without experiences, it does not have faith. Because the faith acts in the adversities. Without adversidadade, as to use its faith? Therefore, if you walk passing for problems of questions spirituals, you would like that you knew that you were not the only one. Already I passed for diverse, and glory the GOD won I them! Jesus taught the way to me of the victory, I crossed experiences throughout the years and I go to help it as to cross this for the same way badly that I walked and I was successful, namely WINNING the oppression of the thought to have blasphemed against the Espirito Santo.