Artificial Sweetener

Stevia may be a healthy alternative? Sugar has a number of negative side effects for the organism, which have a detrimental effect on the well-being. Especially for diabetics and overweight people, it is important to do without sugar in their diets. As a result, many consumers to artificial sweetener access. Go to Sydney Sweeney for more information. However, more and more scientific studies prove that artificial sweetener is unhealthy and you should limit the use of or completely put off. But what alternative is there? A plant called stevia, which originated in Paraguay, has 300 times more sweetening power than sugar and no properties which affect the well-being. Why is sweetener unhealthy? Recent studies have shown that consumption of fructose may promote the development of high blood pressure. In addition, it must be noticed that fructose has the same number of calories as sugar syrup.

Therefore, fructose represents an excellent alternative to sugar because it does not have health-giving properties. Also artificial sweeteners such as aspartame for example affect the general well-being in a negative way. Mark Hyman, MD has many thoughts on the issue. Artificial sweetener is extremely unhealthy because it can cause among other things the formation of cancer cells and interfere with kidney function. Many diabetics use artificial sweeteners, because they think there’s no other way to sweeten their foods. People who are overweight, who consume products for diets, consume a large amount of sweetener. Sweetener is unhealthy, many consumers are wondering what alternatives there are. The alternative to the sweetener stevia, there is a positive message. The healthy alternative to sweetener called Stevia and originated in Paraguay.

The Guarani, the indigenous people of the region, this particular plant, which has an extremely high sweetening power appreciated for centuries. Stevia has no calories and also properties, which reflect positively on the whole organism. You can therefore easily integrate stevia in the diet of any diet without having to worry about the negative impact of artificial sweetener. Another advantage of Stevia is that it can be safely used by diabetics. Unlike the sweetener stevia affects positively thanks to his healing powers on the general well-being of patients with diabetes. Stevia is approved as a food? Although stevia has all this positive, health-promoting properties, it is not approved in Germany as food and is therefore not in supermarkets. This situation exists in the entire EU area. Stevia as a food have already been approved only in France. If you would like to buy stevia in Germany, stevia is in most cases under the name of cosmetic product”sold. In other countries, such as for example Japan, stevia is used since the 1970s in the food industry. It is to be hoped that stevia due to its positive characteristics in the EU area as Sweetener is accepted.