As A Chicken Into The Water … Your First Steps In A Boat

Some people step into a boat and are straight at home. For them the challenge, the mechanics, the simple joy of sailing all combine to make the sport less of a pastime and more of a necessity. These people? call them fanatics? come to life on board a boat, forgetting the pressures of work and home, the pure joy of surfing a wave in a steady range, or persuade the yacht upwind in a gusty force five. I am married to one of these fanatics. a l is trying to teach sailing. It is a difficult task, I admit, as I have absolutely no desire to set foot on the boat unless the wind (force 1? 2), time (sunny) and the sea (calm) are adequate. But, being a man of considerable determination and luck, he succeeded in giving me my first lessons last month.

I learned a lot. Sailing is, when it comes to this, very simple? a matter of pointing the boat where you want to go, feeling the wind, and adjusting the sails accordingly. Without But it is also incredibly complicated. I used to race boats, sitting on the pointed end by pulling on the sails, but still I learned a lot of lifts and headers, Cunningham and kickers. Everything came flooding back to me as I was in charge of the boat last month, dodging the ferries between and for the first time I really began to understand the relationship between boat, sail and wind.