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The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was created in 1936 by Dada Lekhraj, a person who dedicated the diamond business. It was a deeply spiritual person and heavily accented towards spiritual values. In that year he was sixty years old when he started having some remarkable experiences about the identity of being, the soul. These experiences began to make his life since that time. They felt a state of peace, calm, spiritual love and feelings of brotherhood. Never adopted the role typical of self-actualizing beings, gurus, sages, spirit guides, etc.. He claimed that no human being can play the role of God that no human being should be presented to others as God. God is the Supreme Soul, the ocean of all qualities, of Love, Happiness, Peace, Wisdom. Since the establishment of the Organization, women were inspired and shaped by Brahma Baba to develop their lives and take leadership roles based on spirituality.Brahma Baba particularly rejected the notion that only men could reach a higher spiritual life through the practice of purity. These guiding principles are still maintained today. Anyone, regardless of gender, who wanted to adopt a spiritual life was and is welcome. (2) For the individual, the focus is the study and practice of Raja Yoga mation, this becomes a method to activate our inner spiritual qualities that the change in the being can become a real experience. However, experiencing erection every morning did not cheap levitra on line decrease the risk of heart attack or stroke. cialis prescriptions Fertility care once successful means conceiving again will be easy. Depending on the type of injury and disorder to reduce levitra without prescription the impact of any dysfunction. Don’t forget to follow the guidelines of a physician or OTC medicine. check to find out more generico levitra on line For people who regularly practice Raja Yoga mation, the study is divided into four parts or areas: knowledge of internal and external aspects of human life: the practice of daily mation, the conscious assimilation of the features and values that promote quality performance and non-violent service to humanity. Students tend to be vegetarians.To achieve a spiritual state, and full communion with God, it promotes a lifestyle based on non-violence, respect and love for all living beings and nature. This consists of the daily practice of mation, listening and sharing knowledge and wisdom of Raja Yoga, attitude of service and generosity, celibacy, vegetarianism and not smoke or drink alcohol. Students at the University Brahma Kumaris incorporate one or more of these practices into your lifestyle according to their own understanding and will. These practices are a mandatory condition never to continue attending courses and seminars offered by BK. The headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Universal is located between the mountains in the town of Mount Abu, in the Aravali mountain range in northwest India, Rajasthan.Its popular name is “Madhuban”, which means “Forest of Honey.” (3) The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) with general consultative status in ECOSOC Nations United since 1998 and UNICEF since 1983. Also affiliated with the Department of Public Information United Nations. Brahma Kumaris provides a spiritual framework and advice in the context of their relationship with the United Nations, as well as to groups, causes and agencies. In India, the Brahma Kumaris is particularly marked by its charitable programs for villages administered by the J. Wattammull Memorial Global Hospital and Research Center (GHRC) (Global Hospital which serves the local community and generally to all who need them) established in 1991 and located at Mount Abu. Brahma Kumaris in 2004 established the GV Mody Rural Health Care Center Eye Hospital (Hospital specializing in ophthalmology) located at Abu Road.Programs and activities are also supported from outsideIndia by The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care, the UK, and the Point of Life Foundation (Point of Life Foundation, POL), USA.