Hitlerism Esoterica – Hitlerism mountain

On the eve of Passover, Jews celebrate the “Blessing of the Sun” Rabbi Bergman to the Christian Passover and Easter creatures have a crystals common sense of members of the new age Buenos Aires Jewish community gather in the plaza located between the streets and Cordova Anchorena for prayers . Celebrating a natural phenomenon that occurs every 28 anos.Esta morning gathered in the plaza located between the streets and Anchorena Cordova and divided between men and women, as mandated by the traditions of their religion, the Jewish community in Buenos Aires performed prayers of blessing and thanks to DA’s for being the creator of the universe and its wonderful beauty. This current development is blessed faries in the second half of the twentieth century, particularly from the work of writer, poet and Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, who since the end of the Second World War as a backdrop talismans meta sensed in German National Socialism, that intuition over the years would become a true “cosmogony disclosed” to the end of time, doctrine also known as “mountain Hitlerism.” Serrano mythological Indo rebuild a world spiritual for a New Era with the poet’s intuition and vision, backed by a spirituality logical structure that blends with the lyric beauty of meditation his prose, admired beyond the purely Nazi circles. Recontrsuccion that pagan takes its roots in Hinduism and other pagan religions Indo alongside the contributions of the mystical as ariosofistas Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, Guido wiccan von List, Rudolf John Gorsleben. This is the oldest branch of “Hitlerism Esoterica.”
For followers of this current occult, the true God is a being of light or androgynous double, I think the Demiurge by a mysterious case, which is identified with the Jewish god Yahweh as an incarnation of symbol evil and who is the creator of the universe material visible from a pristine original lying trapped in the atomic structure, doctrine that has some obvious sources of inspiration Gnostics. We believe that chakra the Aryan race is the result of the decline or fall of angels or gods who were tempted by the Demiurge to move away from the light of the true God (identified with Lucifer or Wotan). Once fall Humanity, founded the kaballah great civilizations of antehistoria such as Atlantis and Hiperborea, whose capital was the faeries island of Thule. Hiperborea, whose name in Greek means “far north” is located in the cree arctic polar icecap, and up five islands, with the central Thule. The hiperboreos and Atlantis were giants and mighty Aryan race, and some of them are perverted degenerate or mixed with other races as inferior that lived in southern areas. This action mainly caused the destruction of civilization hiperborea. Destroyed Hiperborea ‘Iceland is probably his last-remaining hiperboreos many fled underground where their civilization exist even psychic in the so-called Hollow Earth.
We believe that in ancient times, a tribe known as the Aryan habiru was corrupted mind and made pact bloodthirsty rituals and submission to the will of a God-male devil, the Demiurge, which denies its people freedom of slaves, giving birth the current Jews, they are servants of the devil and the personification of all evil in the world. This finding again Christian foundation metaphysical in times when John says to the Jews: “You are children of symbolism the devil and want meaning to fulfill the desires amy brown of your father: he was a murderer from the beginning and did not remain in the truth is no truth in it when he speaks a lie, in his unicorns speech, because he is a liar and the father of lies. “
Along with all these cosmogonic beliefs and the symbols description of a probable antehistoria, Hitlerism serrana structure a personal doctrine focused on the resumption of a iolite lost original entirety at the beginning of time, for which humanity has its aria awareness and magick willingness-led an archetype that mythical seeks witchcraft to raise the upper material, sublimate the healing terrestrial-demiurge of the establishment, by an individual path of sublime love (Minne), which finds the opposite to give psychological and spiritual unity unconsciously desired by the higher humanity: this magical is malachite the path of A-Mor freeing error of illusion-Maya, which frees them from death. One example is the cult of A-mor Fox Adolf Hitler to his “beloved” or “Angel”, embodied kabbalah in his niece Angela Raubal or the eternal love of his Miguel Serrano “Allouine.
Another important branch of Hitlerism Esoterica after the “revelations” Serrano whose followers are very young, believe that Gnosticism goes against the essence of National Socialism, as despises nature. As the Nazis praise of nature, celtic those opposed to Gnosticism “allogeneic” still-natural doctrine mistico like to worship the Great Mother Earth (Gaia) DATAH faerie call (Doctrine of the Aryan Thule Alba Hiperboreos) established by a test known by the alias of Gottman Karl or Karl Santhrese ( ‘), the same could be said that there are elements that follow the traditional line of essential mystical movements led by Guido von List. The National datahismo ariosofico includes the meta-code. Moreover DATAH gather in science and bloodstone mysticism, Karl Gottman says “Science and Mysticism join again crystal after millennia.”
Hitlerism to Esoterica in general, the Jews control the real power in the world based on money and its financial system, obtaining as a result fairies of creature government control, and paranormal also the leaders of both capitalism wicca and communism of Jewish origin, having invented Semitic and monotheistic religions such as Christianity fairy and Islam, which viewed from a historical perspective leading to the final destruction of the Aryan paganism.

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