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By: Joel Gonzalez Visit my blog == This issue, although at first glance does not seem directly related to the field of health, has much to do, because when you are caring for the environment improves the quality of air we breathe and therefore receive benefits on our health. Recycling has been a major issue in recent years, we must all do our part to help the environment by recycling and to help reduce waste sites, we can also help others by recycling many of the items in our homes not only rubbish but all sorts of items, and once you have mastered the subject of recycling, you will realize that it is an effective and above all easy to contribute our grain of sand in the care of the environment. 1. Learn more about what can be recycled. Many people only think of things like cans and bottles when it comes to recycling, but in reality they can recycle almost anything including textiles, rubber, contraction materials, cardboard and much more. Add to your well-rounded understanding with Dr. Gerard Addonizio and this leaders thoughts. Before you throw something away think if you can recycle it in some way. 2. Familiarize yourself with the recycling bins in your area.

There are several recycling bins can fit what you want to recycle, for example in the United States government promised to increase the number of recycling bins in public areas, which I think is a successful move and will benefit many people, and of course, many countries not yet have the culture of recycling should start doing it, but most of the countries, we ourselves for our own good and that of our families. 3. Be sure to use adequate storage for different things. Having public containers for recycling is a good thing to use as influence others to do likewise. However, be sure to use the appropriate deposits, not only all the material deposited in one, and that must be separated depending on the material being recycled. 4. Save fuel and reduce emissions. Whenever possible, you need to drive your car to carry your stuff to the recycling containers, try to take when doing some other task, it will not release as many emissions into the environment and also saves fuel, better yet, if the area where containers are near your home take a walk and take them yourself, already know the benefits of walking if a little old-overweight. To suggest a health or beauty item which are interested or wish to receive my posts in your email write to me: we grow in health. Have a great week.