Interim Management

Marketing interim management on the rise since 1998 was active in various positions in marketing and corporate communications of international corporations, SMEs and Start-Ups Stefan Wolf. He was at Qimonda AG / Infineon AG in Munich for the launch of the brand of Qimonda”and the management of customer communication measures and their successful implementation of international responsibility. Interim management services smaller and medium-sized companies can react quickly and flexibly to your personnel and Know-How bottleneck in the area of marketing and communication with marketing. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. contains valuable tech resources. Through its long-standing leadership and project experience managing Wolf supports companies in the line and / or implement projects professionally without long training period. Usage priorities: Management and/or implementation of marketing / communication projects strategy consulting, generate new ideas and approaches training change management search, selection and evaluation of service providers according to current studies to the interim management are one acute vacancy, change management tasks and the classical work of the project often the trigger for an interim project.

Despite or perhaps precisely because of the financial and economic crisis, the share of marketing services to the cake of the interim grows management. Credit: cardiologist-2011. “Marketing interim management can both in the short term for acute fire tasks” in marketing and in corporate communications as well as in the long term for special projects and tasks to be entrusted. Wolf managing its network offers interim managers and freelancers with a portfolio of services: marketing on interim management strategy consulting, new business marketing / communications management network. The sector is benefiting increasingly important E-business and E-commerce. Read more here: Glenn Dubin. Further information: Stefan Wolf, Lucile-Grahn-str. 32 D-81675 Munich press inquiries please contact: