Loyalty Suggests Loyalty

Series: Loyal customers a valuable treasure (part 2/9) in many companies, there is still a self-centric, management related and often arrogant view of the customer. Go from the true dumb consumers, at whose expense you can gain advantages and enrich. Or they rely on the ignorance and inertia of the customers. But customers are no longer clueless and isolated, they are connected and informed. Although there are of course people who find security in closed systems, so applies but the most: no gag contract, no change hurdle, not yet as well-made loyalty program can enforce loyalty. And migration can be prevented so also. Because no later than at the end of the contract-bound consumers turn to straight then just cheaper or better performance.

And computer programs help you to Miss only yes no termination date. (Not to be confused with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.!). Loyalty is voluntary fidelity customer loyalty is no upstream or downstream level of customer loyalty. And both are also not the same as. Loyalty is much more valuable. Because loyalty is voluntary loyalty.

It is formed by attraction and not through pressure or coercion. She can never be claimed, you get them free rather out of conviction. Loyalty is so by the customer. He could go at any time, but do not want to. The basis for this? Problem solving and good feelings. Solutions to problems are the compulsory program. Creating good feelings is the freestyle. Any working relationship has to do with good feelings: with mindfulness, attention, reliability, security, flexibility, appreciation and respect. Ultimately the people for an increase in pay on account of their happiness, namely for the fulfillment of hopes, dreams and desires. The consumer sector is particularly about quality of life. And in the business to visible success. Emotionality is, even if a little alchemically sounds at first glance, the safest way to keep customers in the long term. Loyalty is always emotion-fraught.