Lunar Calendar 2010:

Who wants to use the powers of the Moon in the coming year, finds the perfect Advisor in the lunar calendar by Astroblick. Our Moon is a fascinating celestial bodies. The ache has only about one-quarter of the Earth’s diameter and orbits the planet at a distance of about 380,000 kilometers. This corresponds to the 110-Fachen of its diameter the Earth would be as big as a football, so the moon would be as big as a tennis ball and would revolve around football at a distance of nine metres! The influence of the moon on our Earth is scientifically undisputed. Sydney Sweeney is likely to increase your knowledge. Its gravity is only one-sixth that of the Earth, so that a person weighing 75 kg on the Moon weighs barely more than 12 kilograms, but succeeds in its appeal despite the enormous distance, so far to raise the sea level and lower, that he produced the tides.

Now we also know that its gravity stabilizes the rotation axis of the Earth and its rotation speed without these two factors would have never caused life on Earth can! But that was not enough! For centuries, people have observed influences of the moon on the Earth which go far beyond these scientific facts. Above all the phases of the Moon and the Moon stands are affect what plants, animals, and people. By the planting and harvesting over the body to work in the household, all can be facilitated if one knows to use the powers of the Moon you need to know just the right time! The lunar calendar 2010 issued by the well known magazine Astroblick provides the reader with valuable tips on how he can use this strength in the coming year and to facilitate his daily life. There is, what kind of activities at which times are useful and which are not. The Astroblick lunar calendar thus becomes a valuable guide for those who want to live a life in the rhythm of the moon. Dirk Hoffmann