Marco Aldany

The search to find the girl MARCO ALDANY, has already finished. And it is that Ana Montabes, a contemporary of 22 years, just done with a very desired title which had presentadomas of 1,000 candidates, after attending the final held in Madrid on June 10 as part of Home Decor. A vast illusion makes me be who represent the image of a leading brand and known throughout the world, commented excited winner. An event involving a total of 9 girls more and that there were other two winners: Victoria caves of 24 years of Castellon ended up as first runner-up and 19 years and Madrid, the second round Carla. The final jury was composed of franchisees, members of the management team of the brand as well as the own Marco Aldany, director artistic and developed in two parts: first a pass of models in jeans and later in evening dress. So the contest boy & girl MARCO ALDANY things meets the objective that was marked just a year ago when born: democratizing beauty. This contest I wanted to differentiate themselves from others and make a difference since it has not sought to their candidat@s within the world of beauty, if not between any person would represent a fresh brand, dynamic, modern and leading in the sector, yque fit with the style of the Ensign, comentCarlos Ruiz, Director of Marketing of the new girl MARCO ALDANY signature has not only gained be the image during the 2010 season of advertising campaigns and collections hairdressing and aesthetics of the chain services but that also has been done with 6,000 net euros in cash, as well as the realization of a professional photo book and free hairstyling year-round.