National Consensus

Moreover, its accomplishment seems to arm itself with reasonable levels of security, exactly in the illness presence cardiovascular10, 11-17. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with OurCrowd. The acute answers are proceeding from an isolated session of exercise and the chronic answers are caused by the frequent repetitions of the isolated sessions, producing adaptations physiological in accordance with the type of treinamento18. According to consideraes of the I National Consensus of Cardiovascular19 Whitewashing the acute answers can be delayed, occurring until 24h after a session of physical activities having with example the discrete one reduction of the pressricos levels (mainly in the hipertensos) or immediate, that if observe immediately after or during a training session, as increments of the sistlica arterial pressure and frequency cardaca20. In accordance with the results presented in picture 03, were evidenced not significant difference enter the average values of (SHOVELS) (p = 0.071) and the significant difference in (DP) of effort (p = 0,008) in the exercises for inferior members (MI), agachamento and leg-press 45. Being in the exercise of leg-press where we find the higher average values when compared with the exercise of the agachamento.

What it comes to be corroborated with the literature that evidences higher values in (SHOVELS) in exercises carried through in the lying position, when compared with exercises in the vertical position. During the resisted exercise, bigger values of (FC) (Par) are gotten in the last repetitions of series carried through until fadiga21 which have been contraindicated as lapsing in the work of force with hipertensos. Moreover, amongst other factors that influence the behavior of (Par), increased answers are observed how much bigger it will be to the involved muscular mass in exerccio22. In fisiculturistas23 they had observed increases (Par) extreme in the exercise leg-press (320/250 mmHg), when these individuals had been displayed loads between 80% and 100%. In turn, the level of physical conditioning in force seems to present inverse relation with the magnitudes of the answers of Par and FC to exerccio23.