Negative Blasphemy

Blasphemy against the Espirito Santo – How to win this oppression? FOR ALL MY BROTHERS IN the FAITH WHO NEED a MESSAGE OF the SKY ==================================== When you convert, you think that everything in its life already is decided. But in the truth, he is not. In the same truth (before you if converting) its life is a nastiness, that you do not only know that it is. Later when you become yourself, you if apercebe of the wrong things that made, and really this finish turning a vicious passion: You go pra GOD of the skill that you are (all crazy), and the vices, imperfections, palavres and old customs go even so if without notice you them. GOD goes speaking with you and you start to have certain experiences with the supernatural one that they finish filling the emptiness that was in its heart. GOD catches its old person and plays outside in the garbage. The experiences in the Christian life come pra to make of you a better person.

Without experiences, as you will be one better Christian? The adversities come to add. ironically, this makes you a better person. A stronger Christian. Therefore that Pablo said that all the things concur for the good of that they love the God (Rom 8:28) Determined experiences, you would desire of the deep one of its heart that never came. But they are necessary for its growth.

Without experiences, it does not have faith. Because the faith acts in the adversities. Without adversidadade, as to use its faith? Therefore, if you walk passing for problems of questions spirituals, you would like that you knew that you were not the only one. Already I passed for diverse, and glory the GOD won I them! Jesus taught the way to me of the victory, I crossed experiences throughout the years and I go to help it as to cross this for the same way badly that I walked and I was successful, namely WINNING the oppression of the thought to have blasphemed against the Espirito Santo.