Psychological Work

It has been capable to promote significant changes for the practical performance of the professional psi. From this perspective, a project was elaborated that had as performance object a group of adolescents, all filiados to a religious institution (church baptist). Considering that the elaboration of situations of work from the values contained in the beliefs and the religious dogmas, the trainees and the group of adolescents is possible, they had chosen an agenda of quarrels that involved concepts, judgments, practical slight knowledge and expressions of the daily one of the life of the young. Learn more at: Sarfraz Zaidi MD. This agenda served of guideline for some meetings with unfoldings in some psychological contents reflected by the group. With this the objective of the project that was to supply young to a space of quarrel, reflection and of listening, providing with this chances to learn new situations and to take off doubts on other subjects, widely was surpassed with new dynamic and participation. In these meeting the development of the young was seen, by means of the exercise of reflexivas actions, with considerable change in the construction of new cultural values, intellectual development and perspectives of life.

Word-key: Psychology. Communitarian psychology. Adolescence. Christian behavior 1 INTRODUCTION The communitarian psychology and of social institutions which if relates this project, is about a privileged space of performance of the psychologist, this professional must go the field to search its object of work, that is, its customer for, ‘ ‘ to treat and to intervine in the psychological processes that gravitam and affect the structure of the personality and – therefore – the relations between the beings humanos’ ‘.