Return To Youthful Skin

Leather is one of the principal and the first indicators of human health. Often it concerns the skin. Some diseases can leave fingerprints on the skin of your face. Facial skin reacts to the pathology digestive system, the pathology of blood, kidneys, nervous system and many other organs. This is particularly true for women. Bags under the eyes, the appearance of , acne, jaundice, wrinkles, puffiness of face, dry and peeling skin fragility and hair loss – these are just some of the manifestations of various diseases on women's face. So how do you rejuvenate your skin? First we need to give up bad habits.

Smoking and Alcohol does not help your state of health and appearance. Improving nutrition. It is important to reduce the consumption of spicy, fried, fatty, salty foods. Eat more fiber (cabbage, cucumbers and other vegetables). Make yourself to eat in the same time.

These simple measures will improve your digestion, will give ease, and it quickly will a good effect on the skin. If your skin turned yellow or pale, would not be more than a blood test. These symptoms can be symptoms of several pathologies of the digestive system and blood. If possible, use a minimum of makeup. If it is not possible, try to choose cosmetics based on natural ingredients. 1-2 times a week to do the natural mask (broth lime, mint, chamomile, plantain, sour cream, yogurt). Wipe face with lemon juice or cabbage. They fill the skin with vitamins. Follow these simple rules and you will soon see how transformed your skin.