SECRETARY: Now fill the streets with posters, manifestos and pick signatures against the council. Mr. V. : We must act, before we get out of hand. Actuar forcefully! NAPLES: (rises). I know, I know. No privatization of water. Mr.

V. : Queeeee? NAPLES: We will say that was a joke, a mistake of the media. A misunderstanding. Mr. V. : No way. Have you gone mad? SECRETARY: AAY, my clothes, my pearl necklace, my silk dress!.

Mr. V. : AESO ever!. SECRETARY: Auf! NAPLES: I was kidding, it was a misunderstanding. I meant not to privatize water so openly. Mr. V. : O you do it or will the vernacular. They will use their native language so that no one understands. And instead of hello, say "holu" and will place flags to do what needs to be done. SECRETARY: My little apartment, my cottage, Ay! Ay!. AMI trip to Cancun! with Councillor equality idea. (She starts laughing) Mr V. : And you run out (Napoli interrupts) Naples: Year you understand me!. We will not sell water to the city, all and all, but for the sake of them, for the good of the city. Mr. V. : Apor course! That already sounds better. Explain. NAPLES: Rather than privatize water hache privatize the two o. We say we do not sell the water to silence the extremists, ridiculously poets protesting for protesting the pay of the opposition. Ours is a scientific measurement, completely apolitical and popular because what we do is to establish a profitability ratio in the relation of hydrogen with oxygen.