Tenant Should Estimate Operating Expenses

Service charge settlement contains many tenants often get error at the time their operating expenses. Doubly annoying: Usually the invoice will include not only a payment demand, at the same time, many settlements are flawed. The real estate portal myimmo.de reveals which criteria has an operating expense in any case to meet. The German tenants Association tenants, operating costs, should thoroughly check or the service charge settlement. So far only the least tenants seem to do. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. and gain more knowledge..

This, after all, half of all operating expenses is not correct. It is worth so definitely still once carefully to check the cost. A landlord agrees to create an operating expenses only when in the contract, it was agreed that operating costs as costs are billed. The legal basis for this purpose provides 556 para 1 BGB. The operating expenses the landlord must hand over the tenants also period of twelve months after the end of the billing period. An important Criteria for a statement of operating costs is also that the tenant must be possible to understand the calculation of operating costs. By a judgment of the Federal Court is also laid down that an operating expense must include a breakdown of the total cost of ownership. In addition, also the allocation key must be indicated and explained.

A calculation of interest of the lessee in the operating costs, as well as a settlement of already paid advance payments must be included. A note about a deadline for contradictions of the tenant is, however, no obligation.