The Multifunction Laser Printers

The multifunction laser are laser printers which, in its basic function of printer added function scanner, copier and fax, and can operate either as a peripheral from the computer or as a stand-alone device, without connecting it to the PC. Given that multifunction laser printers grouped several functions in a single device, allow a considerable saving of space and offer a good relationship quality/price, being very appropriate for home, small offices, professionals and telecommuting. Features multifunction laser printers use laser technology, so used electrical processes to transfer the ink to the paper. Let’s look at the main features of multifunction laser printers: functions: serve as a printer, scanner, photocopier and fax. Types: according to his size, speed and features can be classified in domestic, Office, business and commercial use. Speed: after reaching the operating temperature, the multifunction laser printed at high speed. Quality of printing: the multifunction laser offer great printing quality.

They usually have several print qualities (draft, standard and high resolution) to save toner. Purchase price: the price of acquisition of the multifunction laser is high, assuming a substantial investment. Cost per page: valuing the price of consumables and life, have a low cost per page. Noise: the multifunction laser are silent printers. Color or monochrome: are usually in black and white, being reserved for the high-end color. Quality scanner: normally have high resolution and depth of sampling. Automatic charger: is suitable to have automatic feeder to work with multipage documents and not having to upload one by one.

Connectivity: can usually be connected using USB or parallel port. In addition, the majority of the multifunction laser have network connectivity, both wired Ethernet as wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Stand-alone operation: normally they can function as photocopying and fax without connecting it to the PC, and if it supports direct print like PictBridge protocols, furthermore you can print photos directly from a mobile phone, a digital camera or an external memory independently of the computer. Multifunction laser or multifunction inkjet printer depending on the technology used there are two types of all-in-one, inkjet and laser printer. Let’s see the main differences between the printers multifunction laser and inkjet multifunction: Color or black and white: the injection tend to print in color, the laser usually in black and white (colour only those in high range). Speed: the laser printed noticeably faster than the injection. Print quality: the multifunction laser surpass in quality to the injection. Price: the price of acquisition of the laser is superior to injection, but the cost per printed page whereas the price of consumables (cartridges, toner, drum) is lower. Segment: the injection are the most widespread at the household level, while the laser are more appropriate for offices.