The Physiognomy

Thus the contours were forming suburban environments, the suburbs. This was continuous and repetitive over time the conformation of these neighborhoods were giving him the physiognomy to big cities that we see today. People were happy, only by having work, which is the same as say, have a chance. Click Gina Ross to learn more. There is no thing more frustrating for a parent than the not to take home food for her family. There is no worse punishment for a person who want to develop and grow, which denied the possibility of working.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nb sp; Today after a short time, we see everywhere an infinite number of farms, warehouses and large industries totally dismantled, abandoned, destroyed, razed. In ruins. They have started them to the soul. Some operate supermarkets and many others became Giants knocked down, destroyed, offal of a living and fervent era of activity and growth; Today they are witnesses silent, inert; milestones of a recent time that seems distant and that undoubtedly will take decades to retrieve. They are like stigmas that have been a vital and prosperous past of a country that leave it is deliberately entering in the decline. Not cause you pain observe the sinister spectacle of dismantling? Do not cause you anything seen such destruction? For my observing such destruction is similar to the vision offered by TV cities that just finished a war; only that we were not in one. For a person like me who felt seduction by industry, their machinery and everything related to the manufacture of things ever since very young, it produces really worth, it causes real pain circular by any industrial belt of any city in our country. I went out to travel the country and you’re going to get tired of seeing sheds and sheds enclosed, empty.