Chanel Parfum

Lady Elegance – so called in his time Gabrielle Coco Chanel, the great mistress, a born businesswoman, successful leader in the design, trendsetter and charming woman. Finesse, Elegance, femininity with a touch of sexuality – all embody the perfume Chanel. The first perfume Chanel appeared 85 years ago she came from a poor family in Saumur. After working in the singer cabaret, she opened a workshop for making hats. Then the business grew and became the owner of two Chanel stores with stylish clothes. Paris began to clap divas in 1921 after it emerged her boutique. At the same time light saw the great, inimitable and innovative for its time Chanel number 5 perfume. Since then, it took a long time, but still loved by many chanel parfum, enjoys extraordinary popularity and is considered a symbol of French sophistication and style.

From the moment when Coco began to engage in the creation of scents, her case became very rapidly, growing. About Chanel perfume talk is already far beyond the city limits, and even countries. Success came to her not accident. She was able to mobilize all their talent, using its inherent open-mindedness, rigor and creative flair. Prior to the release of perfume Coco established Chanel, the world does not know the complex and persistent odor that can be poured different facets. Beauties of the time used by simple flavors, repeating the colors of flowering plants. Thanks to chanel fragrances women got the opportunity to become even more charming and exude the smell is not of a single flower, and flowing into each other unknown magical nuances of sweet cocktail.