Cost Analysis

To obtain the most accurate result, one day begin to follow a special diet: eliminate from your diet all the fatty foods, with plenty of spices, smoked meat, pumpkin, beets, carrots, citrus fruits. Dinner on the eve should be as early and easy. And for breakfast, alas, you can not even afford a cup of unsweetened tea. When to do it. In case of any unexplained illness. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels should be determined for each of us once a year. Get more background information with materials from abbott laboratories. Cost: complex – about 3000 rubles separately for sugar – from 100 rubles, the cholesterol – from 150 rubles.

Donating blood – not a pleasant procedure, but it is useful to the body as stimulates the formation of new cells in the hematopoietic organs. immunological analysis of blood this diagnostic method has several levels of difficulty. The first and most simple – a quantitative analysis. He "reports" about the state of immunity in general and the presence of antibodies to one or another contagious disease. This does not mean that the illness "pursuing" you, and Now.

Perhaps you have already won it, and the antibody remained. The second level of the immunological diagnosis more accurate. The so-called pcr (Polymerase chain reaction) allows to identify in plasma foreign genetic material (DNA or RNA) and identify the causative agent on it. However, and this does not mean that you are sick at the moment. Perhaps you recovered from the infection, but the defense system is still parses the victim the aggressor "for parts".