On 28 February and 1 March 2007, SAPUVETNET II project partners and institutions in Latin America and Europe organized an electronic conference on emerging aspects of Veterinary Public Health in the I century. The main theme of the conference is “local production practices and animal health, with special reference to drug use and antibiotic resistance: implications for Veterinary Public Health.” To participate in the conference and receive more information, contact info sapuvetnet.org . Participants and those who wish to make any contribution must register with the site http://www.moodle0506.uevora.pt/ days before February 28, 2007. To register you must: 1. Access the URL http://www.moodle0506.uevora.pt 2.”Create a user account” (see upper right on the screen), choose their own language, follow the instructions for registered user 3. then entering your own “password” and “login” to enter the Moodle Univ Evora ( http://www.moodle0506.uevora.pt/course/edit.php/ ) Projects in the area-> SAPUVETNET. All registered participants will receive an electronic conference formed to send contributions to the moderator of the conference. Take advantage of this opportunity for discussion and tell your acquaintances interested. See you soon