The feeding of children in summer

Parents should be aware that food in the hottest time of year should be special because it is so important as to respect the schedules of sleep and physical activity to stay in shape, so that children can enjoy a full and excellent health. Some tips: Here we explain some guidelines that will assist us to achieve a healthy diet at this time: – One must be careful not to exceed 30 of dietary fat intake of a child. These fats are mainly concentrated in the butter, margarine, cream, eggs and animal fats. – A large part of the diet should focus on products rich in carbohydrates which corresponds to foods such as bread, flour, cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, peas, lentils, beans and nuts. – Fruit and vegetables are an essential source of minerals and vitamins, especially for children. Do not forget that is rich in fiber, and its consumption is highly recommended. An erection begins with either mental or sildenafil cheapest physical abuse is only one element of the case. Often classes are found between husband and wife because of sexual disorders. buy viagra in bulk India’s leading shopping brands has also cialis in been linked to the dipping sex-drive in women. A problem that gets prolonged after six months requires a medical solution, but it also needs many generic soft viagra vital things to ensure the safe treatment. – It is very important respect the schedule of meals. Do not eat in a hurry and provide adequate chewing your digestion, preventing the emergence of uncomfortable intestinal problems. – We start with a breakfast in which they do not miss the milk, cereals and fruit juice. – Should be avoided, especially fried foods and choose those that are pre-cooked roasts or stews. – As always we have heard, the digestion must be respected before the typical summer bathrooms.