Twitter is a very interesting tool, if we want to create and position easily, our own personal (personal branding) brand. Or what is the same, in more current terms, sell ourselves. To get create an effective personal brand on twitter, then have 6 essential points that you should take into account: 1. create a strategy this is an important point that sometimes is not given sufficient dedication. When you build a brand, really what you intend is that people have a perception about you given. Therefore, before bear in mind what is the image that you want to give it mism @ 2. Complete your profile on occasions, find so basic this point to not be if you should spend too much time everytime I have to explain it. But seeing some profiles, I realize that many people still don’t have it very clear.

Your profile on twitter, is your cover letter, your business card. Therefore, it is necessary to give more complete and descriptive information as possible in order that your followers (and the people who visit your profile) can get an idea of who you are, what you do and what you intend. 3 Using a good background (Background) the bottom of your profile is part of your identity. If you are using the funds that twitter gives you by default, change it now!! Thousands (or millions) of users are using those same funds. One of the advantages of the Fund of twitter is that it lends itself easily to customize it and you can include more data about you and your followers give other forms to contact you besides twitter. Professional advice: If you don’t have much idea about design, please, do not design your mism @ the bottom. It will eventually have a negative impact on your image and damage the view of anyone visiting your profile.