Then you measure the area, to calculate the amount of material and graded by the tile size. Tiles fastened to the base with a special adhesive solution sold as a dry mixture. When You can use the solution, designed for attaching a standard ceramic tile. ck Biotherapeutics. Read additional details here: Anu Saad. Cooking glue best with an electric drill with paddle-mixer – a solution will be homogeneous with no lumps. Viability of compounding depends on air temperature, its humidity and the material properties of the walls. Hygroscopic base is easy "takes" from a solution of the moisture, contributing to its rapid hardening. The average solution "Lives" about 20 minutes.

This time and should be considered when kneading each portion of the solution. Glue is applied to the back of the tiles narrow trowel. If they are – small and narrow, to be applied in the middle of tile one "cake" solution. When laying tiles on a wall at her a little jam, and causing mass diverges across its surface. On the larger is better to apply several small "cakes", evenly distributing them over the surface tiles. The thickness of the layer of mortar under the tiles should be the same everywhere and averages about 1 cm Noticing that the layer of solution under the newly laid tiles are too thin or thick, you should immediately separate it from the base and add to or, conversely, reduce the adhesive. For a random first-of falling mass on the front side of the tile it must be immediately removed with a damp sponge.